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  • Give your personal touch to 15th anniversary gifts for her!

    Your 15th marriage anniversary is knocking on the door and like all men it seems you’re also having trouble in deciding what would make for excellent 15th anniversary gifts for her. The best way out is to take advice and suggestions from family and friends. Most of them would have asked you to do what they would have already done in this situation.

    Traditionally, crystal and ruby gift items are given. But these are quite expensive and cannot be personalized as well. Now, if you don’t want to follow the routine path and would like to break from traditions and give something different, then its best to go for personalized gifts. They have whole lot of benefits. You must be aware of your partner’s choice by now, don’t go nuts, but take it easy!

    Refreshing idea

    Personalized gift is a refreshing idea as compared to the old school gift of crystals and ruby. There’s lot of thought which goes behind it that makes it so special as compared to an expensive ornament.

    Personalized slate board is one such amazing idea which can be engraved. You can also write a message with soapstone chalk on the board which can be wiped off later. Stylish and useful, this gift will be remembered for years to come!


  • Last minute idea for 15 anniversary gift for her!

    It has been togetherness of decade and half and by chance you’d forgotten about your 15th marriage anniversary. Well, this is common and you got to be smart enough to be able to cover it up. Now, last minute how do you plan to get the perfect 15 anniversary gift for her?

    Exquisite gift

    You’ve already committed a ‘crime’ by forgetting your anniversary and now you’ll have to make it up. The most obvious way is to buy an exquisite gift for her. This could range from fine ornaments, sparkling diamonds and beautiful homeware. 15th anniversary is synonymous to crystals. So, you could give Swarovski crystal jewellery and even ruby ornaments.

    Also, while buying an expensive 15 anniversary gift for her you might need more time to research and browse through. Therefore, you can go for personalized slate cheese boards!

    Contemporary gifts

    If you feel jewellery make for very conventional gifts and you’d like to do something different, then you can buy classic and beautiful watches. There are meticulously crafted wrist watches from the house of high end brands available.

    In fact, there is sea of options when you consider buying a watch. From diamond studded to mother of pearl dial, you’ll surely be spoilt for choices when you look for 15 anniversary gift for her!

    Personalized gifts

    Probably the most heart-warming way to make your beloved feel special on such a beautiful occasion is by gifting her something which is just made for her. Yes, made for her implies to gifts which you can customize and get your name, initial, logo or any such writing engraved or printed. These could include innumerable gift items like personalized coffee mugs, clocks, cushion, jewellery box, cutting board, slate cheese boards and so much more!

    While deciding last minute, expensive gifts could be a challenge due to budget constraint as you might not have been that well prepared with the cash.

  • Make it really special with the best 15 anniversary gift for her!

    There’s nothing more special than having spent as long as 15 years with the person you love and on the special occasion of your 15th marriage anniversary, your wife will definitely be expecting something special from you. So, what’s the plan of 15 anniversary gift for her?

    Plan A

    Buy her something exotic like a fine piece of crystal jewellery or ruby ornaments. How about a sparkling crystal pendant? It will surely look grand on her neck. Also, it’s simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is go to the shop, browse through the collection and the pick up what you like the most.

    And of course, the cost is something which you’ll have to shell out. But just giving an expensive gift really shows your deep affection and care for your spouse? That’s food for thought! The add-ons can be:


    • A long-tailed red rose, a bunch of red roses or a bouquet of flowers that your partner loves
    • Order for a gooey, sumptuous cake or pamper her with lovely chocolates
    • Make things romantic by going for a corner in a high-end restaurant

    Plan B

    If plan A of just buying and giving an expensive gift doesn’t kick you, then there’s a nice and warm idea which you could try out. How about making the occasion special by doing something special, rather than making the moment special with material things? So, plan a romantic date at home with a bottle of her favourite wine.

    And what goes well with wine? Yes, cheese. You can serve a cheese platter along with wine and enjoy the romantic drink. You could make the serving special by means of engraved slate cheese board. Moreover, you can also write sweet messages on the board with soapstone chalk which is absolutely food safe.


    • If you’re convinced with plan B, then go online and search for high quality slate cheese boards. 
    • Coupled with your efforts this will make for a unique and the best 15 anniversary gift for her!
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